SO 491 - Water Temperature

Episode 6 April 26, 2021 01:13:57
SO 491 -  Water Temperature
Scuba Obsessed
SO 491 - Water Temperature

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Mack and Darrin attempt their first live stream. They talk about water temperature buoy in Lake Michigan off the Cook Nuclear Plant. Seems like everyone is due for some diving. (0:24) Introduction (1:56) Moles & Rodinator (5:10) Scuba in the News (5:30) Former Michigan man led $100M cocaine org. planning to use underwater drone to send drugs to Europe  (9:55) New High-Tech Shark Deterrent to Be Tested on Cape Cod  (13:40) Save Sickle Point group launches scuba search for rare, at-risk mussels in waters of Skaha Lake  (18:15) Over 5K Pounds of Trash Removed from Beaches in 'Deep Cleaning' Initiative  (22:11) Not everyone onboard with plan to sink century-old ferry into Lake Champlain  (28:00) Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours preparing for the summer  (32:27) End of scuba in the news (33:00) If you are enjoying the show please support us at Patreon. (34:40) Lake Michigan Water Temperature (38:01) Beach Shipwrecks (40:22) Due for some diving (41:18) Lumber Prices and Inflation (44:28) Mack’s Dive Safety Story - Scuba Diving Fatalities (55:15) Mouse (55:43) Derek’s Octopuses Videos (58:17) Second Octopus video (01:01) Gilboa Quarry with new Ownership (1:01:45) Wrapping Up (1:04:00) Bad Joke - Strike One (1:06:19) Bad Joke - Strike Two (1:10:36) Bad Joke - Strike Three (1:12:26) We’re Out Format Change is happening - Youtube Intro & Outro Music (Not appearing this week) Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan This track can be downloaded for free at Free License to use this track in your video can be downloaded at
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