509 - It’s a Recall & a Dumpster Fire

October 29, 2021 01:36:38
509 - It’s a Recall & a Dumpster Fire
Scuba Obsessed
509 - It’s a Recall & a Dumpster Fire

Show Notes

Audio is improving, but we do have a little extra audio in some of Mack’s feed. 

(0:53) Introduction 

(6:30) Scuba in the News


Bill would change maritime liability rules after boat fire



Shipwreck hangs on as workers reinforce cradle



Creepy or cool? Deep-sea photographer shares photos of freakish seabed creatures



Who lives on a bed of rock under the bay?



Shipwrecks is Back



Civil War shipwreck reburied near St. Augustine



Divers bring Solent shipwrecks to life using artificial intelligence



Snorkels Recalled For ‘Drowning Hazard’


(46:48) End of Scuba in the News

(46:55) Random Fin Discussion

(52:40)  Some local Michigan diving. 

 9’ waves on Lake Michigan

(53:42) Mack’s Lake Michigan Shoreline Photos

(58:51) Saint Joesph River Photos

(59:52) Lakeshore field (Darrin said Saint Joseph but intended to say Lakeshore)

(1:05:00) Photos of Mack’s River find.

(1:12:00) Teaser White House Construction Joke

(1:15:33 ) Mack’s dive safety story – What caused that accident?

(1:26:40) Thank you for your support https://patreon.com/scubaobsessed

(1:31:00) Closing remarks – MUD club meeting stuff

(1:32:35) – Bad Joke for this week. 

(1:36:48) Outro

Intro and Outro Dive Video curtesy of Rich Synowiec of Diver’s Incorporated

Intro & Outro Music  

Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan

This track can be downloaded for free at www.wintergatan.net

Free License to use this track in your video can be downloaded at www.wintergatan.net

Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan Free License to use this track in your video can be downloaded at www.wintergatan.net

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