501 - History Beneath Gull Lake

August 12, 2021 01:20:30
501 - History Beneath Gull Lake
Scuba Obsessed
501 - History Beneath Gull Lake

Aug 12 2021 | 01:20:30


Show Notes

More Gull Lake

(0:42) Introduction 

(0:59) Crazy Summer Weather 

(3:00) Flash Flood Warnings

(5:10) Scuba in the News

( 5:28) Cutting on third section of Golden Ray complete


(7:53) Scuba plates to hit road in July


(12:08) Mystery boat at Fort Stevens may tell many tales


(18:20) Hard to get news - Squirrel Moment

(20:50) ‘Otherworldly’ Photos Give a Peek At A Lake Superior Shipwreck


(26:30) Hikianalia crew discovers parts of shipwreck in Lalo from nearly 200 years ago


(38:39) 3000-Year-Old Remains in Japan Belong to the World’s Oldest Known Shark Attack Victim, Study Finds


(34:15) History lurks below the surface of Gull Lake


(45:30) video stream reset - video is better from here on out. 

(45:40) local diving

(51:25) We need a product we can sell. Dead turtle? Neoprene, beach surf, dive boat exhaust scents? How about a golf ball necklace. Dirty neoprene?

(55:52) Mack’s dive safety story

(1:09:00) - Lest we forget

(1:12:22) - Dive Plans and Promotions 

(1:18:20) - Bad Joke for this week. 

(1:19:00) Outro

Intro and Outro Dive Video curtesy of Dennis Wisiewski

Intro & Outro Music  

Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan

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