500 - Is Maritime Cannibalism Obsolete?

July 11, 2021 02:03:19
500 - Is Maritime Cannibalism Obsolete?
Scuba Obsessed
500 - Is Maritime Cannibalism Obsolete?

Show Notes

Thank you to everyone who has supported the show as we finish our 500th full episode. 



Talk about a party and our normal weather talk. Darrin is updating the recording studio. What is on the wall? We have a lot of random squirrel moments. 


Scuba In the News


Backup plan for Golden Ray salvage effort includes charge to blast steel



No OSHA probe of diver who died in farm digester.



Livestreaming is hard. Darrin talks podcast and video workflow. Please support us any way you can. We don’t make money from YouTube.

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We will be getting back to having guest on the program. Talk about host migration and website update. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel. https://youtube.com/c/scubaobsessed


Scuba divers rescued by ferry crews near Edmonds terminal



British minister claims technology makes maritime cannibalism obsolete



The treasure inside beer lost in a shipwreck 120 years ago



iBubble automated marine drone follows and films a diver’s every move


Attorney General won’t file charges in Glacier Park Scuba Death



End of Scuba in the news


Recent diving… Damn Pandemic. 

New divers in the area posting in the Mud (Michigan Underwater Divers) Club Page. 

You don’t have to go deep to have a good dive. Get your comfort at shallow depths.  Talk about deep wreck that encourages the need for technical diver training.  


Seeing people dive all over. Mud Club is getting out and doing some dives. 

“I love me a good wreck dive.” – Darrin

“A good wreck dive is like touching time. “ – Darrin


Need to get out diving.

Go out there and get wet. Life it too short. 


Mack’s Dive Safety Story


If in-person MUD club meeting. Deciding on t-shirts. 


Lawn mowing shoes.


Thank you for your support!



https://youtube.com/c/scubaobsessed Please subscribe and like so others know the show is worth watching. 

Some podcast stats. 


Sharing some dive photos and videos. Derek’s dueling squid photos. NC-17. Mack’s zoo story. 


Bad Scuba Jokes and Bad other jokes. Not episode 500 worthy. At 500 episodes you should know better. 



Intro and Outro Dive Video curtesy of Eric Rohloff

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Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan

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