459 - Underwater Ritual Offerings

August 27, 2020 00:32:38
459 - Underwater Ritual Offerings
Scuba Obsessed
459 - Underwater Ritual Offerings

Aug 27 2020 | 00:32:38


Show Notes

**U.S. Perdue questions decision on Golden Ray delay**

**Coral skeletons crafted from 3D-printed calcium carbonate could restore damaged reefs**

**The Museum of Underwater Art in the Great Barrier Reef Welcomed Its First Visitors**

**Treasures of Sinan shipwreck unveiled online**

**1st intact evidence of Incas' underwater ritual offerings found in a lake in the Andes**

**Lady Michigan boat tours back**
[https://www.thealpenanews.com/life/2020/08/lady-michigan-boat-tours-back/ ](http://)

**Avatar 2 producer shows what the underwater transport will look like**

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