455 - Scuba Diving Nuisance

July 28, 2020 01:32:31
455 - Scuba Diving Nuisance
Scuba Obsessed
455 - Scuba Diving Nuisance

Jul 28 2020 | 01:32:31


Show Notes

**Whisky Galore: Scotch salvaged from shipwreck up for auction**

**Hawaiian Crew Goes On A 48-Day Expedition And Sets Record For Largest Haul Of Plastic Removed From The Great Pacific Garbage Patch**

**'Shipwreck' off Scottish coast turns out to be dumped fridge-freezers**

**Scuba divers pull more than 1,500 pounds of trash from northern Nevada waters**

**Diving near a ship’s sonar system is a Lovecraftian nightmare**

**Scuba-diver hooked while diving, reeled to the surface**

**Man in scuba suit nearly drowns in Clydebank canal trying to rescue stranger's phone**

**Second underwater cleanup to take place**

**Rockport neighbors sue town over scuba diving ‘nuisance’**

**Even with beaches closing, some businesses benefitting this Fourth of July weekend**

**Thousands of ancient artefacts from Roman treasure to shipwreck bounty to be revealed by X-rays**

**Underwater mystery: Did a diver find a Navy plane that crashed in 1943 off San Diego?**

**Ancient Aboriginal underwater archaeological sites discovered, and a new frontier for study**

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