452 - High Water

July 02, 2020 01:37:04
452 - High Water
Scuba Obsessed
452 - High Water

Jul 02 2020 | 01:37:04


Show Notes

**Scuba-divers excited to resume activity following SDMC greenlight to restart tourism**

**Lake Mead offers business opportunities for guided scuba tours of sunken bomber plane**

**Scuba diver rescued after late resurfacing on Stoney Lake north of Peterborough**

**‘Mammoth’ tusk find at Sandwich Bay logged with Natural History Museum**

**Monster fish which can weigh 2.5 tons and grow 10ft long spotted in Dorset**

**MDNR - Great Lakes High Water**

**Divers turn old mooring rope into new scuba dive attraction**


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