446 - Dive Opperations Dry Up

May 07, 2020 01:24:35
446 - Dive Opperations Dry Up
Scuba Obsessed
446 - Dive Opperations Dry Up

May 07 2020 | 01:24:35


Show Notes

**Divers join ‘thank you’ to the NHS more than 300 feet below sea level**

**Dive operations dry up due to coronrvirus shutdown**

**Divers search contaminated waters for last New Zealand volcano victims**

**Diving trips platform Zublu adds M in seed funding**

**Scuba diver has extremely close look at large stingray**

**Canal leaping, death diving and bog snorkelling: the world’s weirdest water sports**

**Man bench presses 62 times underwater with 50-kg barbell, sets new Guinness World Record**

**Historic shipwreck of SS Wollongbar II found off Crescent Head**

**Love Underwater Exploration? This New 56-Foot Cruiser Was Made for You**

Some more UFO information?

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