236 - Chihuahuas, Chinchillas, Armadillos and Chimichangas

Episode 12 April 10, 2015 01:17:23
Scuba Obsessed
236 - Chihuahuas, Chinchillas, Armadillos and Chimichangas

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Mack, Jim and Darrin slaughter the English language as they cover scuba in the news, UFOs and hidden government agencies. They they talked about Scuba again.

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480 - More than $1,00,000 in Shipwreck Artifacts

Working through the backlog of recorded episodes. In this one we talk about a large collection of Shipwreck Artifacts and their possible donation to the Racine Heritage Museum. (0:45) Introduction (2:29) Scuba in the News (2:38) Woman Finds GoPro While Scuba Diving in Cozumel https://nbcpalmsprings.com/2021/01/27/woman-finds-gopro-while-scuba-diving-in-cozumel-learns-it-belongs-to-fellow-oklahoman/  (6:02) $100,000 for scuba dive entry platform https://www.miragenews.com/100-000-for-scuba-dive-entry-platform/  Not appearing in this podcast…. Mammoth tusks found off Florida’s coast from Aquanutz Scuba Diving Charters https://www.nbc12.com/2021/01/01/mammoth-tusks-found-off-floridas-coast-aquanutz-scuba-diving-charters/  Trove of ‘Ancient Treasures’ Found in Shipwreck Off the Coast of Greece https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/archaeologists-unearth-ancient-roman-artifacts-shipwreck-kasos-180976820/  (8:10) Hundreds of shipwreck artifacts, worth about $1.5M, may be donated to Racine Heritage Museum https://journaltimes.com/news/local/hundreds-of-shipwreck-artifacts-worth-about-1-5m-may-be-donated-to-racine-heritage-museum/article_d99c5a5b-b8bc-5167-bfda-51a95661dfc6.html  (13:26) End of scuba in the news (13:50) Local Diving Activities (15:11) Darrin talking about Robotics Season (15:54) On the list for a shot? (19:16) Following DAN on Impacts on contracting Covid-19 and diving (20:06) Future. Dive Plans (21:13) Mack’s Dive Safety Story - Divers Make All the Wrong Moves (31:47) More discussion - Do divers need refresher training? (36:51) Closing Comments - Format Change - Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-7NUj7Q4ihcqpp1yODCFzw (38:01) Bad Joke of the Week (44:21) Craig Bashing Intro & Outro Music Music “Tornado” by Wintergatan This track can be downloaded for free at www.wintergatan.net Free License to use this track in your video can be downloaded at www.wintergatan.net ...


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Scuba Obsessed Episode 153 - Lines, Lions and it still looks like winter.

Sorry about the audio for the first 1/3 of the show. We had to go to the backup recording. ...


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299 - Scuba Obsessed - Involuntary Muscles and the E.B. Ward

Kevin, Jim and Darrin get together tonight to talk about some more scuba diving. Jim fills us in on his dive on the E.B. Ward. Everyone got wet this week. If you enjoy this program and think it is at the least worth a dollar. Why not donate to our Patreon account? Follow the links at http://www.scubaobsessed.com . ...