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  1. 10 - Ghost Ships and Scuba Divers with Rebreathers

    Rebreather test drive. This week we will be talking about Scuba Inspired Fashion, Scuba Marriage proposal, Scuba diver Sues, CSI underwater and International Public Safety Diver Challenge ...


  2. 9 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast - Divers with Heart

    Jim Elliot of Diveheart interview, Whites Drysuits is purchased by Aqualung, Scuba-diving with sharts in the Indian Ocean, Dive education company moves headquarters to Riverview, and Shark with Frisbee around its neck rescued by divers! Visit our website at & friend us on facebook :) ...


  3. 8 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast - Between dive shows & between dives

    Last weeks dive show and next weeks dive show We also have these scuba stories in the news Historic oil sheens scuba-diving price fixing case World's Youngest Scuba Diver Sea Lamprey: The Battle Continues TV series 'Sea Hunt' honored Scuba the next olymic sports & Scuba Wii revisited ...


  4. 7 - Road to Our World Underwater - Scuba Show

    We prepair for the Our World Underwater dive show and talk about the news. Tiger Woods Boat For Scuba Diving With Wife Elin Scuba diving on a bicycle, Swiss freediver breaks world record for holding breath underwater, Evesham Sub-Aqua Club given grant for new boat, Scuba diver won't let disability ...


  5. 6 - Craig Rich - For Those in Peril

    Special guest Craig Rich comes on the show to talk about his new book For Those in Peril: Shipwrecks of Ottawa County Michigan Darrin and Jim talk about their most recent ice dive at Lake 16 And Our special look at Scuba in the News Visit us online at ...