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  1. 20 - Full Speed Ahead - Jim's new boat and plenty of diving

    Darrin, Jim and Mac talk about their dives. Scuba in the news Gulf Oil Spill and Diving, Divers Invited to share stories, Guam: Spearfishing could be outlawed and Police step up hunt for scuba pervert We talk about some Cool Gear and we talk about The boat. ...


  2. 19 - Shellie Howard Interview: Second week of classes // Mac guest hosts

    We cover Shellie Howard's second week of open water class. Mac fills in as guest host. We cover scuba diving in the news Vessel set to be sunk on the Axel Carlson Reef, Gray whale cut free from fishing nets in Dana Point Harbor, Killer seaweed is a threat to ...


  3. 18 - Shellie Howard Interview: Before Open Water Scuba Diving Class

    More scuba diving fun! We will find out how Shellie Howard's open water scuba diving class is progressing. Still Ice Diving: North Pole wrap-up Scuba diving deadly for people older than 50? UK cave diver's body recovered 39 years after he died bus sank into a quarry, Barber wears scuba ...


  4. 17 - Shellie Howard Interview: Before Open Water

    World record attempt - underwater ironing, Shipwreck treasures protected by cage, Man arrested for stolen scuba gear on craigs list, Ocean Mangement Systems (OMS) recalls Bouyancy Compensators and Scuba dive with an astronaut fund raiser. Last Week's Lake 16 Dive Lost Dive Flag Still no camera found Free flow on ...


  5. 16 - I found my snorkel scuba diving

    Distressed Scuba Diver Saved by Helicopter, Plans sink for skinking warship, Divers retrieve trash, Golf ball stash found east of Napanee and Ocean Blue on the iPad. Upcoming Chamber Dive and Jim's DIY Video Camera Housing ...