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  1. 25 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast - More scuba diving in warm water is dangerous

    Scuba in the news Aprek Inflator Recall, Worthington Cylinders adds jobs, Gulf Oil update, Adrea Doria Discovery, and Deep Sea Diving Dachshund We will also have some cool gear , a video of the week and of course our bad scuba joke of the week. ...


  2. 24 - Can there be too much scuba diving?

    Scuba in the news Worthington Industries to Acquire Hy-Mark Cylinders Lawsuit on Behalf of SCUBA Diving Business in the gulf 'Gulf State Diving' Website Shares Accurate & Timely News About Scuba Diving Conditions in the Gulf Region Volunteer divers say state forcing them away from helping at parks Scuba instructor ...


  3. 23 - Back in the saddle.. er... water! Scuba dive dive dive!!!

    Scuba in the news Camera Floats 1,100 Miles for Six Months and Still Works Scuba divers survey the Chattahoochee Visitor's Bureau aims to boost local diving business Yacht Company Cited for Hazardous Hookahing, Other Diving Dangers 'I CAN STILL SMELL IT ON ME' Unexpected oil encounter for dive group near ...


  4. 22 - Scuba Discovery Still Alive - Barge and Crane - Clogged 1st Stage Reg

    Nation's Largest Swim, Scuba Shop Opens In Nebraska,Scuba Divers Fear Murky Future From Leaking Oil, Boat leaking diesel fuel in Pillar Point Harbor pulled to surface, Divers search for evidence in playa lake, California court tosses waiver, family can sue Catalina Scuba Luv for diver death and North Tulsa Couple ...


  5. 21 - Shellie's Open Water and Jim, Darrin & Mac Narced

    Wow 21. More scuba diving and scuba talk. Shellie Howard talks about her open water certification and Jim. Darrin & Mac discuss their chamber dive. How narced did they get? Also scuba in the news. The one-year anniversary of the sinking of the USS Vandenberg, Divers Recover Discarded Toilets Off ...