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  1. 30 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast -Into the fog

    BP Oil Spill Update: Florida scuba diving officials breathing sigh of relief - damage risk near zero Brief Update on new dock bylaw Scuba diving company helps divers explore wrecks off Wirralâ??s coast New Scuba Diving resource manual released by Scuba Schools International Name a scuba site, win a trip ...


  2. 29 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast - Where is the good scuba diving?

    Gulf Update: Where is the oil Florida Officials stress saftey Scuba Obsessed PSA - Be safe out there!!! Scuba bylaw passed despite opposition Scuba unit out of action Search and rescue goes deep Shark Week Where are the good diving spots PPL with low vis Bad scuba joke of the ...


  3. 28 - Scuba Obsessed - Blown off the lake

    Scuba in the news Oil in the guild update, Scuba diving declared hazardous, Scuba diving is the sport with the best financial demographics, Hunt is on for scuba bounty, Whale attacks boat, Scuba divers discover ancient monkey fossil Lake 16 Dive Mud Club Meeting Upcoming Dive Camera gear iTunes Reviews ...


  4. 27 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast - We are in deco!

    Scuba in the news Oil in the Gulf Update - Oil spill stopped on the 87th Day? Scientists roll out mats to kill Lake Tahoe clams Diver finds lost Tiffany engagement ring in lake A clean sweep in Newport Beach Scuba Diving - 90 Meters Deep In a Swimming Pool ...


  5. 26 - Scuba Obsessed Netcast - Leaky Scuba Regulator on Ann Arbor 5

    The week will have have potentially cool scuba gear, our call for underwater photographers, our video of the week and here is some of the stories we will cover in the news. Missing Scuba Diver found on Lake Michigan, Scuba can help out fisherman and Scuba Tennis Bad Scuba Joke ...