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  1. 452 - High Water

    **Scuba-divers excited to resume activity following SDMC greenlight to restart tourism** [](http://) **Lake Mead offers business opportunities for guided scuba tours of sunken bomber plane** [](http://) **Scuba diver rescued after late resurfacing on Stoney Lake north of Peterborough** [](http://) **‘Mammoth’ tusk find at Sandwich Bay logged with Natural History Museum** [](http://) **Monster fish which can weigh 2.5 tons ...


  2. 451 - Sub Smuggler

    **Lifting lugs in place as Unified Command gets closer to cutting up Golden Ray** [](http://) **Retrieving the Titanic’s radio would “disturb the wreck” and disrespect hundreds who died, U.S. argues** [](http://) **Suspected underwater drug smuggler runs from feds, found floating in Detroit River with 265 lbs of marijuana** [](http://) **Brit who died scuba diving ...


  3. 450 - Summer Bump

    **Greece Opens Ancient Shipwrecks, Submerged Sites to Scuba Divers** [ ](http://) **Dive shops hope summer bump buoys business** [](http://) **Daredevil mission to cut masts off WW2 shipwreck packed with 1,400 TONNES of explosives** [ ](http://) **Hong Kong shark attacks: the blood-soaked chapter in city’s history that saw more shark deaths than any place on Earth** [](http://) **Scuba ...


  4. 449 - Noisy Lobsters

    *Please note that audio was a bit funky this week. It appears that Darrin's audio may have reverted to another audio source and was a bit "boomy". Mack may have had some internet issues that caused some demons and chipmunks to appear. * **All 34 people killed in California scuba boat ...


  5. 448 - Scuba Off-Limits

    **Quebec starts reopening to outdoor sports** [](http://) **SCUBA REMAINS OFF-LIMITS IN UK** [](http://) **Surfer Killed Shark Attack** [](http://) **He lost his prosthetic leg while he was surfing. Weeks later a 13-year-old found it** [](http://) **Airborne Pathogen Workplace Training course** [](http://) **Head of sea lion seen in Vic West likely taken as trophy: critic** [](http://) **Air Jaws: The Hunted is like an under-the-sea ...