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  1. 467 - How Many Ounces in a Tallboy?

    Agriculture Ministry Warns Against Using Scuba And Dive Compressors For Fishing Scuba divers driving across the U.S. to help families find their missing loved ones Huge WWII Tallboy bomb explodes in canal in Poland After missing for more than 100 years, 8 species of freshwater mussels found in the Kiski Thonis-Heracleion: From Legend to ...


  2. 466 - Frost on the Pumpkin

    Once again we have a backload of episodes we have neglicted to upload. They are coming, but we wanted to start with the freshes ones first. They taste better. Tick a Box and Save a Life. Twenty-two people die every day in the United States waiting for a kidney ...


  3. 461 - Two Shipwrecks Identified with Kevin Ailes

    Galapagos Marine Life in Danger. These are lights from the 265-vessel Chinese fishing fleet that threatens the Galapagos. The boats are now operating at the edge of the protected marine reserve taking fish and sharks from the major migration route between Cocos and Malpelo, and the world is up in ...


  4. 460 - Lake Weeds

    **Got lake weeds? Maybe scuba divers are your solution** [](http://) **Scuba diver stumbles across ancient artefacts off Spain's Costa Blanca** [](http://) **Albany's Elvie shipwreck faces destruction almost 100 years after running aground** [](http://) **Missing piece of statue from 305-year-old Spanish shipwreck recovered** [](http://) **New lakebed mapping tool to assist in collaboration, efficiency** [](http://) **The Geneinno S2 is an ultra-portable underwater ...


  5. 459 - Underwater Ritual Offerings

    **U.S. Perdue questions decision on Golden Ray delay** [](http://) **Coral skeletons crafted from 3D-printed calcium carbonate could restore damaged reefs** [](http://) **The Museum of Underwater Art in the Great Barrier Reef Welcomed Its First Visitors** [](http://) **Treasures of Sinan shipwreck unveiled online** [](http://) **1st intact evidence of Incas' underwater ritual ...