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  1. 474 - Removal Begins

    California Boat Captain Indicted in Fire That Killed 34 Shipwreck Removal Begins 1 Year After Baltimore-Bound Auto Carrier Capsized Missing Boater Rescued 86 Miles From Shore Clinging To Capsized Boat : ‘I thought that was it’ Barge Sinks in Grand Traverse Bay [Eric] Cargo Ship Carrying 4,000 Hyundais Sliced Open ...


  2. 473 - Naked Swimming

    > As the title indicates we did loose about 10-15 minutes of the recording. It was probably Darrin's fault, but why not blame Craig the recording bot. 'Scuba diver meets astronaut': What to know about the snorkel-inspired Narwall Mask American explorer plunges to new lows on quest to visit the ...


  3. 472 - Scooter Escape

    Ponzi Scheme Suspect Uses Underwater Scooter to Flee F.B.I. Egyptian man attempts to break scuba diving world record, stays underwater for 6 days Dive To An Underwater Wine Cellar & Handpick Your Own Bottle In Croatia DEMA Show 2020 Medieval soldier found with sword and knives at the bottom ...


  4. 471 - Serious Weirdness

    Air Supply Hose Pops Loose During Ohio Deputies' Scuba Dive Training Brainerd diver sinks to carve pumpkin, surfaces with prize Deepwater Sightings of Rare Bigfin Squid Reveal Some Serious Weirdness Boat shaped like a zipper pull "unzips" Tokyo's Sumida River Hvar: Two 2,000-year-old preserved shipwrecks, ancient wine jug, strainer discovered ...


  5. 470 - Weird Squid

    Preparations continue for cutting up Golden Ray At Last, This Unbelievably Weird Squid Has Been Spotted in the Wild Inside Titanic submarine tour that will take you to shipwreck How scientists keep ancient shipwrecks from crumbling into dust Stockton University restores anchor from Revolutionary War shipwreck ABANDONED MICHIGAN: The Wreck ...