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  1. 479 - Does a Scuba Certification Expire?

    * We go long long long on this episode. Feel free to use the chapters markers to jump ahead. * Does a Scuba Certification Expire? How many dives a year should be required to be an active diver? (0:45) Introduction (1:43) Scuba in the News (1:49) Archaeology breakthrough: Discovery of WW2 shipwreck unveiled 'hidden secrets'  (9:59) How ...


  2. 478 -Another Robo-Fish

    Note ** We had some audio hiccups to our recently retired internet connection. The worse parts have been cut. This is greatly improved with our new internet of the future. :) ** Introduction (0:37) Scuba in the News (4:08) - Cut due to audio problems Next cut will tackle shipwreck's engine ...


  3. 477 - Secret Mission

    Welcome to a new season of Scuba Obsessed. We are starting our 12 year of the podcast and are thankful that you have chosen to come along. We have new projects in the works and this first episode of 2021 is part of it. Thank you to the Band Winterfaran ...


  4. 476 - Butter Boat

    Five foreign scuba divers rescued at sea in Seychelles six hours after dive boat lost contact Oil coming from several spots on the 1968 shipwreck at Nootka Sound Coast guard, First Nations work to contain oil leak from decades-old shipwreck in B.C.'s Nootka Sound 2,000 Tons of Concrete Added to ...


  5. 475 - Jellyfish Roundabout

    Shipwreck update: Preparations for next cut continue, COVID-19 reappears Vail Resorts contributes $25,000 to Clean Up The Lake campaign Giant underwater ‘jellyfish’ roundabout becomes latest Faroe Islands tourist attraction Seafarer Announces Discovery of Historic Period Shipwreck Material Turkish researchers discover 18th-century warship wreck in the Aegean Sunken Submarine Discovered Off ...