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  1. 495 - Still Dry Suit Water

    (0:43) Introduction with some Mark 5 talk (7:03) Scuba in the News (7:18) Crews coping with aftermath of shipwreck fire off Georgia coast  (11:00) Lawsuit details alleged negligence that drowned Missoula diver in Lake McDonald   (34:08) Nonprofit Diveheart Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Pioneering Scuba Therapy For Those With Disabilities  (37:30) Scuba divers begin 6-month effort to rid Lake Tahoe ...


  2. 494 - It Will Almost Float

    Mack and Darrin edited after their fourth livestream. Audio continues to improve and duct table fixed a loose network connection. (0:19) Introduction (1:59) Scuba in the News (2:01) Lawsuit filed in Glacier NP scuba diving death  (13:41) Golden Ray's engine section leaves the Isles  (16:35) Plan to scuttle old ferry in Lake Champlain ...


  3. 493 - Big Boned

    Mack and Darrin edited after their third livestream. Small improvements each week. Audio is much better and the connected stayed solid. (0:20) Introduction - Dandelions and propane (4:11) Scuba in the News (4:24) Hyperbaric Treatment Center to close temporarily for renovations (9:09) First Crew Member Of Franklin's Lost Expedition That Left 129 Dead ...


  4. 492 - Dropped Again

    Mack and Darrin back for their second livestream. They are still working on improving the process. Looks like there will be a livestream and then an edited version that gets posted. This is to account for some of the video buffering issues that can happen. We have a ...


  5. SO 491 - Water Temperature

    Mack and Darrin attempt their first live stream. They talk about water temperature buoy in Lake Michigan off the Cook Nuclear Plant. Seems like everyone is due for some diving. (0:24) Introduction (1:56) Moles & Rodinator (5:10) Scuba in the News (5:30) Former Michigan man led $100M cocaine org. planning to use underwater ...