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  1. 414 - Baltic Sea Shipwreck

    **Man alleges he failed scuba physical because of additives in cigarettes, seeks damages from Altria ** [ ](http://) **Divers half-clear Bell wreck explosives** [ ](http://) **Harlem dive shop hosts empowerment event on Women’s Dive Day** [](http://) **Jordan Submerged a Bunch of Military Tanks on Purpose to Create This Insane New Dive Site** [](http://) **Why iconic Southport ...


  2. 413 - It Can't Swallow Us All

    **Over 450,000 gals. of oil recovered from NY shipwreck** [](http://) **Delta removes fee for sporting equipment as checked baggage** [](http://) **National Geographic to ‘Drain the Ocean’ on Confederate submarine Hunley recovery** [ ](http://) **Viral Area 51 raid prompts rival event** [](http://) **Medieval Ships Found In The Heart Of Oslo** [](http://) **Divers Killed By Fish Bomb** [ ](http://) **A scuba ...


  3. 412 - Secret Seahorse Garden

    **Examiner releases report on fatal Lake Michigan scuba dive** [ ](http://) **Pair of shipwrecked WW2 submarines have VANISHED from sea near Malaysia** [ ](http://) **WW II ammo shipwrecked off Bell Island to surface next week** [ ](http://) **County to consider change that would allow scuba site near Woodsboro** [ ](http://) **Minuscule microbes wield enormous power over the Great ...


  4. 411 - Pharaoh's Secrets

    **'Very sad incident:’ Search for shipwreck leads to death of two scuba divers** [](http://) **Diver died on deep air-dive** [](http://) **Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Dallas When Scuba Diver Suffers Decompression Sickness** [](http://) **Why We Don't Eat California Spiny Lobsters** [](http://) **Sandy Channel State Recreation Area fun includes scuba diving** [](http://) **Mystery grows over site of ship sunk by ...


  5. 410 - Freshwater Under Saltwater

    *We have tried some changes to improve audio. Let us know how you like it. * **Scuba diver rescued after almost eight hours lost off of Pensacola Pass** [](http://) **Sharks** [](http://) [](http://) **Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off US Northeast** [](http://) **PADI Acquires Bonnier's Dive Media Group ** [](http://) **Lauderdale By The Sea Bugfest Kicks Off Lobster Mini-Season** [](http://) **Scuba Camp** [](http://) **Campaign ...