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  1. 418 - Arctic Shipwreck - More Eerie Terror

    **Divers Get an Eerie First Look Inside the Arctic Shipwreck of the HMS Terror** [](http://) **Franklin Video** [](http://) **AIDA Introduces First Aid Course Designed for Freedivers** [](http://) **Master Scuba Diver Challenge** [](http://) **Inside OceanX Part II: Underwater Filming and Lighting** [](http://) **The Great Lakes are ...


  2. Scuba Obsessed Bonus Episode - Ric Mixter Interview

    This is a special episode we recorded in December 2018 with Ric Mixter. Our intent was to publish that month unfortunately we had recording problems. Ric and Mack sound great, but we had to cut a lot of Darrin out. We are not sure that was bad. We ended up ...


  3. 417 - Scuba Gear Recall Review

    ## Recalls **Dive Rite Recalls Its Low-Pressure Regulator Hoses** [ ](http://) **Voluntary Recall of The Mares XR Inflator** [](http://) **Shearwater Research is voluntarily issuing a recall for yellow wireless transmitters** [ ](http://) **Huish Outdoors Recalls Buoyancy Control Device – Zeagle Sport** [ ](http://) **Sunnto Dive Computer Settlement** [ ](http://) **Scuba Divers Knew of "Pedophile Island"** *In the waters near now-deceased Jeffrey ...


  4. 416 - Posed with Octopus

    **Canadian military recovers, detonates, unexploded munitions from WW II shipwrecks** [ ](http://) **Washington woman who posed with octopus on face hospitalized** [ ](http://) **3 World Records** [ ](http://) **Scuba divers to clean up Lower Harbor** [ ](http://) **Finisterre works to invent first fully recyclable wet suit** [ ](http://) **Ancient Chinese shipwreck yields over 180,000 cultural relics** [](http://) **'Circle Of Heroes' Underwater ...


  5. 415 - Brain-Eating Amoeba

    **Woman Shocked to Be Reunited With Prosthetic Leg After Scuba Diver Happened to Find It the Next Day** [](http://) **Alabama Goes to Court to Protect Wrecked Slave Ship** [](http://) **What Is Brain-Eating Amoeba?** [ ](http://) **Indiana University students diving for shipwrecks with NOAA** [ ](http://) **Shipwreck Gulf of Mexic**o [ ](http://) ## Potentially Cool Scuba Gear **A New ...