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  1. 422 - Gold Coins

    **Cause of deadly California scuba diving boat fire still a mystery** [ ](http://) **Great white shark bites into scuba diver's kayak, leaves 2 teeth behind** [ ](http://) **Southern scuba club looks to expand scuba diving interest on Statesboro campus** [ ](http://) **British Navy divers detonate German World War II bomb retrieved from 17th century shipwreck** [ ](http://) **Archaeologists ...


  2. 420 - Better Left Lost?

    I was not sure I was going to release this one. I have never been a fan of solo episodes. Maybe it is not liking the sound of my own voice recorded. Here it is with most everything left in. We have quite a backlog of episodes that needs to ...


  3. 421 - Lawsuit And More Shipwrecks

    **Lawsuit in 13-year-old boy’s death targets scuba diving company and a national diver’s organization** [](http://) **St. Joseph neighbors worried by shrinking shoreline** [](http://) **Beer cans, drone, and nearly 250 lbs of trash pulled from Buntzen Lake in weekend cleanup** [](http://) **Pensacola Bay Bridge Replacement** [](http://) **Spanish drought reveals submerged megalithic tomb** [](http://) **Eerie pics reveals secrets of last US warship ...


  4. 419 - Tragedy on a Dive Boat

    **California boat fire: Entire crew was asleep when blaze started, NTSB says Absence of night watch is a maritime violation; sleeping crew member on sister boat caused crash in 2008** [](http://) **KZN Scuba Diver Recovering After Shooting Himself In Face With Spear Gun** [](http://) **Doe Run Co. files suit against Bonne Terre Mine** [ ](http://) **Michigan ...


  5. 390 - Ric Mixter Interview

    This is a special episode we recorded in December 2018 with Ric Mixter. Our intent was to publish that month unfortunately we had recording problems. Ric and Mack sound great, but we had to cut a lot of Darrin out. We are not sure that was bad. We ended up ...