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  1. 426 - Sea of Plastic

    **Supreme Court justices frown on state's public display of pirate ship's salvage operation** [](http://) **“Sea of Plastic” Discovered in the Caribbean Stretches for Miles** [ ](http://) **Gondoliers take up scuba diving to clear rubbish from Venice canals** [ ](http://) **The Interceptor** [ ](http://) **Shipwrecked schooner with unique centerboard gets historic designation** [ ](http://) **Century-Old Shipwreck Above Niagara Falls Dislodged ...


  2. 425 - Giant Blob

    **Florida-based diving equipment expert charged with illegal exports to Libya** [ ](http://) **These Newly Discovered Shrimp Call a Whale Shark's Mouth Home** [ ](http://) **Michigan State students, alums to turn oceanic trash into recreation treasure** [ ](http://) **You’ll never guess what’s hiding in this giant sea blob** [ ](http://) **Early scuba diver's diaries provide new historical view of ...


  3. 424 - Surprisingly Chill

    **The Ghost Fleet How Skeletons Of WWI Ships Came To Rest In The Potomac** [ ](http://) **Why Scuba Diving Is a Surprisingly Chill Method for Mindfulness** [ ](http://) **Blind scuba diver joins Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit** [](http://) **Scuba Divers Clean Up Lake Of The Ozarks 'Skinny Dip Cove'** [](http://) **Scuba divers find truck, remains in ...


  4. 423 - Diving And Cannabis

    **Fuel nearly removed from shipwreck, oil still appearing in marsh** [](http://) **Ocean cleanup device successfully collects plastic for first time** [ ](http://) **Pittsburgh Airport Is Auctioning Off Items From Its Lost and Found — Including Scuba Gear and a 2015 Dodge Ram** [ ](http://) **DIVING AND CANNABIS - UPDATED ADVICE FROM DAN** [ ](http://) **Sandals And Beaches ...


  5. 422 - Gold Coins

    **Cause of deadly California scuba diving boat fire still a mystery** [ ](http://) **Great white shark bites into scuba diver's kayak, leaves 2 teeth behind** [ ](http://) **Southern scuba club looks to expand scuba diving interest on Statesboro campus** [ ](http://) **British Navy divers detonate German World War II bomb retrieved from 17th century shipwreck** [ ](http://) **Archaeologists ...