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  1. 446 - Dive Opperations Dry Up

    **Divers join ‘thank you’ to the NHS more than 300 feet below sea level** [](http://) **Dive operations dry up due to coronrvirus shutdown**\ [](http://) **Divers search contaminated waters for last New Zealand volcano victims** [](http://) **Diving trips platform Zublu adds M in seed funding** [](http://) **Scuba diver has extremely close look at large stingray** [](http://) **Canal leaping, death diving and ...


  2. 445 - Lying About Egyptian Boats

    **Note** - *Discord and Verizon did not agree towards the end of the program. During editing I added an audio cue so you know the approximate time someone got booted. Those on the call did not hear that sound. Kevin held out for a while before is lost connection and ...


  3. 444 - Cannonball Exploded

    **Coastguard warns scuba divers to stay at home** [](http://) **COVID-19 – The Diver Medic announces live and on-demand webinars** [](http://) **Civil War Cannonball Exploded & Killed 140 Years After it Was Fired** [](http://) **Meet the black scuba divers searching for slave shipwrecks unfairly overlooked** [](http://) **Shipwreck of Tasmanian-built schooner Barbara gives archaeologists new insights into colonial boatbuilding** [](http://) ...


  4. 443 - Scuba Gear Protection

    Things change.... The information was correct at the time of recording but things can change quickly. Please follow your local governments recommendations as to what activities are allowed during the Covid-19 shut downs. *portions of this episode were edited for length* **Dive Magazine Delayed** [](http://) **Independence man returns from Honduras** [](http://) **Tourist uses SCUBA gear ...


  5. 442 - Scuba Gear into Ventilators

    **North Carolina Wins Blackbeard Shipwreck Copyright Dispute** [ ](http://) **Decathlon turns scuba gear into ventilators to help fight coronavirus** [](http://) **Italian engineers' brilliant 3-D printed hack turns scuba gear into ventilator masks** [ ](http://) **2 wooden shipwrecks discovered on Florida beach** [](http://) ...