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  1. 448 - Scuba Off-Limits

    **Quebec starts reopening to outdoor sports** [](http://) **SCUBA REMAINS OFF-LIMITS IN UK** [](http://) **Surfer Killed Shark Attack** [](http://) **He lost his prosthetic leg while he was surfing. Weeks later a 13-year-old found it** [](http://) **Airborne Pathogen Workplace Training course** [](http://) **Head of sea lion seen in Vic West likely taken as trophy: critic** [](http://) **Air Jaws: The Hunted is like an under-the-sea ...


  2. 447 - Planting Coral

    **Scuba Show 2020 Officially Cancelled** [](http://) **Removal of Golden Ray cargo ship capsized in Georgia sound hits snag due to coronavirus pandemic** [](http://) **Oil Pollution May Stem from Shipwreck** [](http://) **Meet the newly discovered ocean species: plastic [Derek]** [ ](http://) **Scientists discover world’s longest animal off the coast of Australia [Derek]** [](http://) **Blackburn youth scuba diver to build LEGO 40ft ...


  3. 446 - Dive Opperations Dry Up

    **Divers join ‘thank you’ to the NHS more than 300 feet below sea level** [](http://) **Dive operations dry up due to coronrvirus shutdown**\ [](http://) **Divers search contaminated waters for last New Zealand volcano victims** [](http://) **Diving trips platform Zublu adds M in seed funding** [](http://) **Scuba diver has extremely close look at large stingray** [](http://) **Canal leaping, death diving and ...


  4. 445 - Lying About Egyptian Boats

    **Note** - *Discord and Verizon did not agree towards the end of the program. During editing I added an audio cue so you know the approximate time someone got booted. Those on the call did not hear that sound. Kevin held out for a while before is lost connection and ...


  5. 444 - Cannonball Exploded

    **Coastguard warns scuba divers to stay at home** [](http://) **COVID-19 – The Diver Medic announces live and on-demand webinars** [](http://) **Civil War Cannonball Exploded & Killed 140 Years After it Was Fired** [](http://) **Meet the black scuba divers searching for slave shipwrecks unfairly overlooked** [](http://) **Shipwreck of Tasmanian-built schooner Barbara gives archaeologists new insights into colonial boatbuilding** [](http://) ...