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  1. 500 - Is Maritime Cannibalism Obsolete?

    Thank you to everyone who has supported the show as we finish our 500th full episode.  (0:47) Introduction  Talk about a party and our normal weather talk. Darrin is updating the recording studio. What is on the wall? We have a lot of random squirrel moments.  (9:20) Scuba In the News (10:15) Backup plan for ...


  2. 499 -Did a Scuba Diver Really Get Swallowed by a Whale & Why are Pipe Bombs in the Water?

    Did a Scuba Diver Really Get Swallowed by a Whale & Why are Pipe Bombs in the Water? - Scuba Obsessed 499   (0:41) Introduction   (2:24) Scuba In the News   (2:52) Witness in scuba diving death case claims victim’s family threatened him ...


  3. 498 - Just a Little Sea Snot

      (0:43) Introduction -  MUD Club back to in person meetings.   (3:40) Scuba in the News   (3:49) Diver looking for shark teeth is attacked by alligator in Florida river and survives: ‘I was thanking God’    (8:05) Molecular Changes in ...


  4. 497 - Don’t Eat the White Foam

    497 - Don’t Eat the White Foam Sea Creatures In Space Darrin may have gotten a dive in. Predictions on vis and water temperature?  Video shown during intro and outdo curtesy of Karen Mann. Manta Ray Dive. (0:42) Introduction - Who got a dive in? Weekly dives back. (3:01) Scuba in the News (3:20) Crews clean ...


  5. 496 - The Griffon Again Again

    Mack and Darrin back again this time with a battery challenge that keeps this episode short. Video credit to Jim Scholz for the dive video shown during the introduction. (0:57) Introduction - Lottery Tickets & Laptop Battery (3:35) Scuba in the News (3:45) Demolition resumes on Georgia shipwreck after big fire (5:47) Lake Michigan shipwreck, sunk ...