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  1. 508 - It's a Crock

    We have some photos of Mack’s River dive in the Saint Joseph River near Niles Michigan.  (0:40) Introduction  (1:10) Water is still warm Please ...


  2. 507 - Snakes Having Sex with Scuba Divers?

    Yes, we went there @ (16:38).  Are venomous olive sea snakes and scuba divers getting it on? This week we have fun with magical out of sync voices.  We fixed it several times, but it did sneak in for some sections.  ...


  3. 506 - Great Lakes Old Anchor Discovery

    Jim is back on the show to talk about his recent Great Lakes Dive and new underwater discovery. The ...


  4. 501 - History Beneath Gull Lake

    More Gull Lake (0:42) Introduction  (0:59) Crazy Summer Weather  (3:00) Flash Flood Warnings (5:10) Scuba in the News ( 5:28) Cutting on third ...


  5. 500 - Is Maritime Cannibalism Obsolete?

    Thank you to everyone who has supported the show as we finish our 500th full episode.  (0:47) Introduction  Talk about a party and our normal weather talk. Darrin is updating the recording studio. What is on the wall? We have a lot of random squirrel moments.  (9:20) Scuba In the News (10:15) Backup plan for ...